Why Young Living?

Why Young Living?


Why do I choose Young Living?

Young Living is not the only brand producing essential oils. That’s for sure. So, why do I choose Young Living, not the other brand? To be frank, I haven’t tried other essential oils brands because I’m living in Singapore and Young Living is the only brand well known to me and I was introduced to use the essential oils by my friends.

After using few essential oils and studying all sources (friends who introduced Young Living to me, google, books) that I could find, I was convinced to join Young Living membership with all these reasons supporting my decision:

1. Premium Quality Essential Oils

D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, has his own farms to cultivate many kinds of organic herbs and owns distillation operation to produce the premium quality essential oils. Young Living holds the highest standard through their Seed to Seal® program. Gary Young even formulates many essential oils blends by himself.



Seed to Seal

That’s the brief introduction to Young Living.

Based on my own experience, the essential oils are really really good. The first essential oil I used was Juniper EO (Essential Oil) for my youngest daughter (9 months old at that time) who had only one functioning kidney left. Juniper EO can be used to support kidney functions. She also had liver failure when she was 2 months old due to metabolic disorder, Citrin Deficiency. She can’t simply take medications orally mainly because of the metabolic disorder and also to protect her remaining kidney and her liver which has recovered.

So, other than maintaining her diet, I have to look for alternatives (from trusted sources of course) to support her kidney and liver functions as well as supporting her body immune system which can be achieved by using Thieves® EO.

I believe in Young Living essential oils because of their background and strict quality assurance processes. Can you imagine Gary Young personally plants some of the herbs and oversees the distillation to ensure the quality?

It’s also the first time for me to encounter a brand/company which declares their products as “out of stock” rather than sells low-quality products. Yup, some essential oils and supplements are out of stock when the herbs are not ready to be harvested and processed or failed their quality assurance. That shows how much they care about their customers’ or members’ wellness 💝💝

2. Generous Compensation Plan

Young Living provides generous compensation plan to those who want to build a business with Young Living. This compensation plan was designed by Mary Young, Co-Founder and CEO of Young Living.

Compensations such as Fast Start Bonus, Starter Kit Bonus, Retail Earnings, and Unilevel Commissions can earn me additional income or even replace my full-time salary provided that I am willing to work hard by sharing the wellness of Young Living essential oils and building a sales organization. By sharing some testers to anybody, the EOs (and other products) will do the rest of the work themselves because they are just wonderful.

Allow me to share the compensation terms here:

  • Fast Start Bonus: Earn a generous 25% bonus, up to $200 each, on my new, personally enrolled members’ orders during the first three calendar months • Second-level enrollees earn 10%, up to $80 each, on the newly enrolled members’ orders described above during the same time period.
  • Starter Kit Bonus: Earn a one-time $25 cash bonus when my new, personally enrolled member orders the Premium Starter Kit. Member must purchase a Premium Starter Kit in the same month as enrolled to qualify.
  • Retail Earnings: When I personally sponsor retail customers, I may earn the 24% difference between the retail and wholesale price for their orders.
  • Unilevel Commissions: Once I have sponsored members, they also enroll and sponsor their own members, I will have my own sales organization. My members and their members are called legs in the organization. Young Living compensates me and my members for our hard work building sales organizations by paying the commissions with percentages based on the levels of the legs. This needs a teamwork.
  • Plus, we will be promoted to higher ranks and earn additional 3% commission when our organizations expanded and we reach Silver rank or higher.

All these will be paid to us monthly provided we join membership with Essential Rewards (ER) option and maintain 100PV purchases each month. Now, we don’t need to worry about the money to make the monthly purchases since we have the commissions to cover them.

3. No Income Ceiling

Looking at the Young Living 2016 Income Disclosure Statement here 👇🏽



Income Disclosure Statement

I can see that there is no income ceiling to Young Living business. I know that it will take very long time and my time away from my family working on my full-time job while earning a salary which I still have to deduct my transportation and miscellaneous fees from. Childcare costs are also high in Singapore.

By doing Young Living business, I can work from home while raising my kids and depending on how much work I’m willing to do, I will be able to achieve the income which can surpass my full-time salary. I have met people who are highly successful doing Young Living business. They are my mentors who have inspired me to walk the same path as they do.

It’s possible. The only ones that don’t get to the top are the ones that give up.

– Sarah Harnisch

4. Be My Own Boss

It’s not that I’m against working under somebody or some people. Since I have kids, work-life balance is very important to me. I can’t be a workaholic like I used to be. I have to be able to spend time caring for my kids’ needs.

Working full-time with demanding scopes and deadlines took that time away from me. I didn’t have the power or luxury to work my own hours especially with impending deadlines set by management and clients.

Of course, I can put my kids under nannies’ care or childcare center. Putting my kids in childcare center exposes them to a lot of infectious diseases, especially for my youngest daughter who has special medical conditions, so it’s not an option to me. Putting them under nannies’ care is a good option but that also makes me miss a lot of bonding time and experience them achieving their developmental milestones.

In fact, my eldest daughter was taken care by my mother and sister for 2 years. That means I had taken my mother’s and sister’s freedom away from them for 2 years because I couldn’t afford to have my daughter with me and I was still new to balancing work and motherhood. That’s why I promise to my daughter, my mother, my sister and even to myself that I must look for ways to set everything to what it’s supposed to be.

After understanding and experiencing more about Young Living’s business side, I believe that it’s possible for me to have time freedom because it allows me to work from home and the generous compensation plan will allow me to achieve financial freedom as long as I keep sharing the wellness, purpose, and abundance.

5. Willable Income

I have two daughters whom I know will meet some guys, fall in love with them, get married and eventually have kids. So, it’s possible that they will meet challenges as working mothers like me now. If they are lucky and they get married well then at least no worries about money. As their mother, I just want them to be happy with their families, don’t need to worry about balancing work and families, and have the freedom and privileges to choose what they want to do.

I know that my girls are still very small now but hey, we got to plan from now, right?

What I want to let you know is Young Living allows me to will my income earned through them to my family members. I just need to write a personal will, connect with Young Living and fill out their paperwork and the income my business generates will go to my husband and girls forever.

If I collapsed at work and were unable to work anymore, the company I worked for would just transfer my last salary and my family would have to survive with a single income (my poor husband..). That’s a scary thought… Anyway, it won’t happen because I have Young Living supplements to support my health and I’ve been reminded to care for my and my family’s wellness constantly 😁

My Young Living business will keep generating income even after I’m gone. While I’m still alive and well, I must make time to train and inspire new leaders so that the teamwork is solid. With the solid teamwork, everybody will work like families and protect each other’s families.


I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I write it. If you are in the same situation as I am or even if you are not and you just want to enjoy the benefits of Young Living essential oils, supplements, natural skincare, and natural cosmetics, please feel free to contact me here or use the ‘Contact Me’ form. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Before you make the decision, I just want to assure you the benefits of joining Young Living membership in my team and the organization I’m with.

Why Join Young Living Membership in My Team?

♡ 24% product discount for Wholesale Members

♡ Essential Rewards program which provides auto-shipping and rewards with gifts & product points

♡ Generous compensation plan which can turn into home business opportunity

♡ Training materials & tools readily accessible via Virtual Office

♡ Endless support (EO knowledge, virtual office, tools, sharing) from me & my mentors if you join my team

♡ Join One Drop community as a Onedropper

♡ Join Young Living Indonesian Users Community for Indonesians

P.S. Although I’m based in Singapore, Young Living has international memberships so anyone can join me regardless your nationalities.

Once you have made your decision, please feel free to click here to enroll or find out how to join Young Living.