Tender Tender Tush – Natural Baby Ointment

My daughter’s cheek got irritated (unknown cause) while she was happily playing. She likes to play a bit rough I admit 😅 As a concerned mama (of a girl somemore), I was thinking of different kinds of ointments to apply on the irritated skin area; Continue Reading

Healthy Weight Management

Ever since I gave birth to my youngest daughter, I have been worried about my weight gain. My weight gain is attributed to pregnancy and confinement (!!) Being a Chinese, confinement is very important in order to allow the body to recuperate. The purpose is Continue Reading

Hesitating to Join Young Living?

If you are like some people who hesitate to join Young Living membership due to the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) nature, don’t be afraid. Yeah, you will be addressed (or ranked) as Distributor but it doesn’t mean that you must build the business or market their Continue Reading