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When a mother felt unwell, it was really horrible for her. Everyone in the family could fall sick but a mother shouldn’t. Even if she felt unwell, she should know what to do, like getting medicines or supplements ready for herself to take so that she regained her health soon in order to serve the family.

OK, I have a confession to make. I used to drink beer when I felt unwell due to body heatiness. It usually settled for me. But, drinking beer isn’t really the best solution. Because after drinking beer, I tend to feel a little drowsy which is not good when I have two little girls to look after and no, I don’t have helper at home. So, I turn to natural defense boosters I could get from Young Living now.

Like last week when I was feeling unwell, I tried to apply Peppermint essential oil neat on my neck which was kinda useful as it brought down my body heatiness but didn’t cool down as fast as I expected.

With all the dizziness and my kids’ demands, I couldn’t stand feeling unwell anymore. I just wanted to feel better as soon as possible. Stat.

As I was browsing through choices of natural defense boosters from my Young Living collection, this little friend caught my eyes. I hadn’t tried taking it before. My husband tried, didn’t complain and recovered quite fast the last time he was unwell.

So, it’s my turn to try, finally. I took one capsule before going to bed. Within one hour, my body felt lighter and I was able to sleep soundly. When I woke up in the morning, I felt refreshed! I was so awed by the result! One must not belittle this little friend. I, for sure, would keep it for when I need it again 😀

What’s our little friend and what’s in it?

Inner Defense® contains Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend, which is rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support.*

Inner Defense


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  1. So true, when mother fell sick, every one fell sickas well. Thank you for sharing such a great articles about boosting immunity. We all need it for sure. Great rocommendation about essential oild as wel., i will definitely try these oils…

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