Healthy Weight Management

Ever since I gave birth to my youngest daughter, I have been worried about my weight gain. My weight gain is attributed to pregnancy and confinement (!!) Being a Chinese, confinement is very important in order to allow the body to recuperate. The purpose is good, but I also experienced the cons such as weight gain which I think caused by limited movements, eating too much πŸ˜‚, water retention (remnants of pregnancy), etc.

I was breastfeeding (which I willingly did out of love for my baby 😍) so I couldn’t start my diet. Exercising was also not an option as I went through C-sect to deliver my baby and there was no time for that yet.. So.. after I stopped breastfeeding and my C-sect wounds had healed, I still had no time to do exercises – amidst looking after baby, full-time job, housework. The only exercises I could do were by doing housework and attending to my super-active baby’s needs.
Surely I could start dieting but I still needed energy to perform all my daily activities!! So what could I do?

Luckily, I’d been introduced to Young Living by my friends (thank you so much Ce Diana and Ayi 😘😘). Young Living has so many awesome products (which I will share later). For now, let’s focus on Slique Essence and Ningxia Red first 😊

β˜† Slique Essence is essential oil (EO) blend which helps me in fulfilling my weight management goals healthily.

β˜† Ningxia Red is Ningxia wolfberry juice with additional other berries juice + essential oils such as lemon, orange, tangerine and yuzu. Wow! Sounds very juicy right? πŸ˜‰


πŸ‘‰ I can proudly say that I have been gradually (if I may say faster than expected) achieving my desired results~ I can wear most of my old pants now πŸ˜†
Families and friends also noticed my changes.
This was achieved within 1 month only as I started my weight management early July 2017.

+ I still eat meals as per normal, there’s no need to go on strict diet which I can never do as I love foods too much 😁

+ Still no proper/heavy exercises as I still have no time & resources to do it. But I try to walk as much as I can for health reasons.

+ I feel much more energetic & healthy.

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