Dealing with Toddler’s Tantrums

My eldest daughter has just moved to Singapore to stay with us. She is 3.5 years old now. She was living with my mum and elder sister for 2 years in Indonesia.

Everything’s good. She still regards and loves us as her parents and seeks our love and attention. Attention anddd communications. Those are our issues. Sometimes, she cries while screaming uncontrollably, throwing tantrums. When we ask her, she refuses to tell us what she needs and keeps on crying. Patience has the limit. That’s what we feel too. When we run out of patience, mostly due to having lots of tasks to be done and another child to be taken care of, the stress will come.

We have tried many ways possible in order to handle her tantrums. From the gentlest way such as hugging her and giving her whatever she wants. Now, I know this way isn’t recommended to some folks as it might lead to kids being spoiled. But we do think of the impact of using punishment to teach her that throwing tantrums is not okay, especially if we can’t control our emotions.

So… back to the gentlest way. Well… it was working. But, only for a while. She would go back to throwing tantrums every time she’s upset with anything, like when her younger sister borrowed her toys or even when the youtube video failed to play. What the ****??

OK. So we thought that the gentlest way wouldn’t be good for all of us. She needed to learn to overcome her emotions. So, we resorted to the harder way. We thought that our 3.5-year-old daughter needed some tough love. My husband and I took turn to be bad and worse police. We tried letting her crying to her heart’s content, to release all her stress and tempers. We also tried spanking her. It’s really really hard. It brought us more stress and tension. I wouldn’t want to walk on that path again.

Luckily one day, when I was chatting with one of my Young Living uplines, I asked her if I could bring my eldest daughter to the Live Your Passion Rally. Since it’s not recommended to bring kids to the Rally (as it’d disrupt the learning process), I was thinking of leaving both my kids to my husband. I also confided in my upline that I was worried of leaving my eldest daughter to my husband because she’s very cranky and prone to throw tantrums and my husband would go crazy handling all that.

My upline, Ce (a Chinese salutation for a lady) Norce (who is a caring and charismatic lady), advised me to start using essential oils like Joy, Harmony, Valor, and Peace and Calming on my daughter. Thank goodness I have all those oils in my collection (thanks to the Essential Rewards program!).

Oils for emotions

Now, the result is…

On the first day of applying Joy and Orange (added because I read that it’s uplifting and good for liver) on my daughter’s toes and tummy respectively, I noticed that my daughter was happier and calmer than usual. She didn’t cry and throw tantrums at all that day! She communicated what she needed and wanted clearly to me. Imagine my relief and happiness. So I continue applying these two oils on her every day.

To avoid the siblings fights, I diffused Harmony essential oils blend in the room where they played. I noticed that they fought less and got along more and better. They were happily playing! When my husband was around in the evening, he also played happily with the girls. Just like the name, the blend really brings harmony to my family.

I keep Peace and Calming ready in case any one of my daughters has inconsolable-crying episode again. What I experienced was it made my daughters falling asleep more easily 😁

I use Valor as the first oil to apply while doing Raindrop Technique (to be covered in a separate post) for my family. It helps them to relax before the massage.

For the Parents…

Since I’m the one who applies the oils on my daughter, I also feel the benefits of the oils. I feel more joyful, more ready to face the day-to-day challenges. I feel more patient in handling and taking care of my daughters.

That’s why I would really recommend applying the oils neat (or diluted if you or your kids have sensitive skin) without using the rollers. Just go ahead and put some drops on your palms. Both your kids and yourselves will enjoy the benefits.

And if you ever feel stressful despite using all of the mentioned oils, do try Stress Away. It never fails to calm my stressful nerves 😄

Stress Away Roll-On

Thank you for staying with me by reading this post and please stay tuned for my next posts.

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8 Replies to “Dealing with Toddler’s Tantrums”

  1. What a transformation! Wonderful you were able to turn to a natural solution to help your family. I’ve heard some great things about essential oils for pets, too!

  2. Ok, not sure if my previous comments went thru so going to try again. I feel compelled to comment on these truly wonderful essential oils. My son was a competitive gymnast for many years, and he would get such anxiety before a meet, that it totally caused him to have too many technical errors. One day right before the meet, another parent came up to me and said that my son needed some essential oils to help with his anxiety and stress over the pressure of competing well. I don’t know which essential oils she used, I do know that they were Young Living Essential Oils. And I do know that when he competed, he was a totally different and awesome gymnast out there! I think that essential oils are great. I actually would like to get some for myself, now that I think about it. I have some personal health issues that are just wreaking havoc with me, and I am frustrated and so stressed out. Which essential oil would you recommend for me?

    1. Hi Leah,

      Please correct me if I address you wrongly and thanks for reading my post smile

      So glad to hear that essential oils were able to help your son like they’ve been helping me and my family.
      I can’t help but guessing the essential oils. Valor came into my mind when I was reading your sharing. Could it be Stress Away too?

      So sorry to hear about your health issues ☹
      As it sounds personal, do you mind if I drop you an email?


  3. I’m always so happy to hear when essential oils solve the problem, whether it be mood or physical or spirit. What more proof do you need when it works for kids – they’re too young to have complicated feelings and rationalizations!

    1. Hi Penelope,

      Thanks for reading my post smile

      Yup, totally! And I heard that kids would be able to choose which essential oils they need to use. They’re able to do so thanks to their instincts.

  4. Very good article!! I am really impressed by the result. I have been also faced bad tantrums of my kids but i never used any oil to cool down my kids. Now, i will give it a try. Thanks for sharing this post.

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