A while ago, I was reading an article by Reader’s Digest about The Scary Thing Nail Polish Does to Your Body 10 Hours After You Apply It. Such a long title, I know.. But, it brought me to attention that no wonder I felt uncomfortable every time I applied nail polish.

My mother used to warn me not to apply nail polish while we stayed in the same room as kids. She also warned me not to inhale the nail polish. Back then, I just thought those were mother’s typical nags.

Luckily, I followed my mother’s instinct when I was pregnant with both of my daughters (yup, you already have mother’s instinct with you during pregnancy). It was a torture as I really loved applying nail polish. I just felt more confident after getting my nails polished, especially my toenails. But, my mother’s warnings were like echoes to my ears. HAHAHA!

It turned out that my mother’s warnings were valid. Just as quoted from Reader’s Digest article:

A study by researchers at Duke University and Environmental Working Group suggests that simply applying the polish to your nails could allow a dangerous compound called diphenyl phosphate (DPHP) to seep into your body. DPHP is created when your body metabolizes the chemical triphenyl phosphate (TPP), and scientists believe that TPP could disrupt hormones in people and animals.

Researchers tested the urine samples of participants both before and after their manicures. About 10 to 14 hours after getting their nails painted, the participants’ DPHP levels were seven times higher than they were before the experiment, on average. The levels continued to rise until they reached a peak and decreased about 20 hours later, the study found. Sounds scary, right?

Oh no! Hormones disruptor?? Who would want that? And it does sound scary! Imagine getting your nails polished while you’re pregnant. Of course it will affect your fetus too.

So, while embarking on a journey to healthy lifestyle and wellness, I’ve been very conscious on the choices I make in terms of the products I use, etc. Young Living products have proved themselves again and again that they are trustable and of excellent quality.

Naturally, I would want to use Young Living nail polish. Now, before you jump in excitement thinking that I’m going to review Young Living nail polish, I really wish I could do it right now.

In order for me to do it, or you guys might beat me to it, let’s join me to make a wish!

Never mind this post title, though I’m not a girl anymore (but definitely a woman 😂), that’s what I always feel when I think of nail polish 😁.

So, this post is about a girl who dreams/wishes of getting a toxic-free, Savvy Minerals, Young Living nail polish. After all, my wish of Young Living producing mascara has been granted. Why not nail polish, right?

Nail Polish


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